Professional training and work experience


My most relevant professional training and work experience has been the following:

  • 1989 Psychology degree MA (Hons.), Edinburgh University, GB
  • Research assistant at the Institute of Psychiatry, London, GB
  • 1997 Doctorate in Psychology (Ph.D), King’s College London, GB
    • 1995 Clinical research assistant and Clinical Psychologist at the Department of Psychotherapy and Psychosomatic Medicine, University Hospital, Ulm, Germany
    • Teaching commitment for the Department of Psychotherapy (Medical students, Midwives), Ulm, Germany
    • Psychotherapy at the student counselling service, psychological consultancy for the Dept. of Psychotherapy for the Paediatric and Gynaecological Deptartment, University Hospital, Ulm, Germany
    • 2003 accredited as psychological psychotherapist, Tübinger Akademie für Verhaltenstherapie (TAVT), Tübingen, Germany
    • 2007 accredited as Psychotherapist (Cognitive Behavioural Therapist), Austria
    • 2011 accredited as Clinical Psychologist, Austria
    • 2014 teaching therapist of the Arbeitsgemeinschaft for Verhaltensmodifikation (AVM), Salzburg
    • Coordinator of the Graz AVM study group of cognitive and behavioural psychotherapists
    • Further training in couple therapy according to Gottman, Jellouschek, Revensdorf
    • Basic curriculum of Schema Therapy according to Young
    • Additional qualification as an infant, child and adolescent psychotherapist (AVM)
    • 2017 School Psychologist at GIBS (Graz International Biligual School)
    • 2018 set up the Schillerpraxis, a CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) Practice with colleague Dr. Susanne Presinger, in Graz

I was born Frankfurt a. Main, Germany and live in Graz since 2003. As I have spent many years in the UK, I also offer psychotherapy in English.